Monday, January 12, 2015

Back in Columbus & GAME DAY

Well, I'm not off to a very good start for the semester. I moved in yesterday which ended up being pretty chaotic, and it took me awhile to get settled in. But this morning has definitely not been the best of mornings, either. I forgot my required lecture slides/outlines for my 9 AM Stats class (which took forever to print out yesterday), and the girl who sat next to me in lecture this morning spilled her coffee all over my backpack. So like I said, not off to a good start.

On the plus side though, the big game is today. My Buckeyes against Oregon. The excitement is in the air here in Columbus, and everyone is decked out in their scarlet and grey OSU gear. ESPN and other news reporters were in the student union today, where I saw them setting up while getting my coffee this morning. All I can say is, I hope OSU wins tonight to top off an otherwise not-so-great day. 

I hope you are having a better day than I am!


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