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Hey, there! I'm Colleen, a recent high school graduate getting ready to embark on a (hopefully) incredible journey in college once the fall rolls around. I'll be attending The Ohio State University as an accounting and finance major, so I'll be leaving my small hometown in the Chicago Suburbs for the rather large city of Columbus, OH. I'll be sad to leave the Chicago area, but I'm so excited to be able to explore a new city and call Columbus home for the next 4 years!

People keep telling me how fast the college years will go by, so I decided to make this blog in order to capture all the memories I'll make in college. I'm sure I'll change a lot throughout the next four years, so it would be fun to look back through my blog posts and see everything that's happened!

This blog will have posts about everything from college life, beauty, product reviews, DIY projects, fashion, and whatever else come to mind. So if any of that sounds good, I'd love it if you would follow along with my college journey! I'm also a blogger on my other blog, Dream It Up Nails, so if you like anything nail-related, that blog is the place to be!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

♥ Colleen

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